Thought Leadership Articles On Reinventing The Meaning Of Work

Leaders, you are at the coal face and dealing with many team members who are disenchanted about the role of their job in their life. You may be feeling the pain yourself- data suggests that more than 70% of you might be considering heading for the exit doors. Instead of leaving, we urge you to recognise the privileged position you might be in, to drive ‘real’ change. And by real I mean no longer using purpose as a means for marketing but instead as a true rallying call to make a positive social impact. We can no longer kick the can down the road, the world and the planet can no longer wait. At an individual level dis-engagement is leading to ‘Quiet Quitting’ and the Great Resignation. Organisations do a horrible job of translating purpose into meaningful work. So work feels like labour, where you’re working to make someone else rich rather than feeling like you are making the world better somehow. This adds to the lack of wellbeing and stress and related health impacts. We spend almost a third of our lives working and work could instead add to our wellbeing and fulfilment.

You as a leader, however, are in the privileged position to influence your Board, your teams and the outside world- this is the time to use it to build a world where the private sector becomes the key catalyst for global change. According to the Edelman Trust Barometer over 86% of us want business to care at least as much about society as about profit. The private sector is seen as more competent and trustworthy than the government. With government failing to lead on society’s biggest challenges, from climate change and reskilling to racial justice and trustworthy information, business has a unique opportunity to emerge as a critical stabilizing force. But the time to do so is fleeting, and this year’s Edelman study underscores the urgent need for business to step into the breach. At the same time, more than half of consumers will buy or advocate for brands based on their beliefs, while six in 10 employees will choose employers based on shared beliefs and values. Expectations are high for CEOs to speak out publicly on social and political issues. But speaking out is not enough — 81% of respondents want CEOs to be front and center discussing public policy or what their companies have done to solve society’s problems. It also makes business sense to be mindful of social impact- certified BCorps are growing upto 28 times faster than other organisations.

Use this thought leadership platform for REINVENTING THE MEANING OF WORK in our lives by sharing your ideas, experiences and frameworks that you think can move the needle.