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Looking to Hire a Digital Leader?

Why Hire a Digital Leader?

Hire specialist talent by submitting your job request. Our global team of practicing digital, media, communications and data professionals combined with our proprietary process has resulted in a 90% plus retention track record and we can help you find specialist and diverse digital marketing talent too.

We live in an increasingly digital world. Digital transformation is critical to accelerate growth today. Digital Leaders play a critical role in using digital transformation to develop the positioning and differentiation for their organisations.

Retention Focused Leadership Recruitment

We have placed specialist leadership talent in roles like Regional CEO, Regional Head of Digital, Chief Strategy Officer, Regional Head of Product, Regional Client Partner and Head of Data and Analytics.

We have maintained a 90%+ retention track record since inception. Almost half of our placements have been women, many in leadership roles.

How it Works?

Our tested and refined process has resulted in our placing strategically strong candidates who have grown in the industry. We have an 85% plus interview rate and a 90% plus retention rate. We have harnessed the power of AI (our AI is called iCEO), to make our process of candidate selection even more robust. Also now our process has been broken down into separate stages. This way, depending on your budget and needs you can access strategically strong, digital talent across markets irrespective of your location and can pay for only part of or for the whole of our highly effective process. The steps in our process are:

1. Register on the platform

2. Share details related to a position you need filled

3. An upfront payment of $200 USD once you share your role requirements for the Bricoleur team to start working on it.

4. A Bricoleur Recruiter will share profiles of individuals with the relevant experience within 72 hours of the payment.
5. Once you confirm by return message to the Bricoleur Recruiter that the shared profiles meet your requirements, a Bricoleur Recruiter will thoroughly assess candidates for softer aspects and share a payment link for the next stage of the process.

6. Once payment of either $5000 USD, $10000 or $17000 USD (we have only three fixed charges, depending on the nature of the role) has been made,
the Bricoleur Recruiter will share the final shortlist of individuals who are strategically strong and happy to progress with your role for interview (we work very hard to maintain our very high interview rate so you don’t end up wasting time and money). We believe in doing a thorough assessment before presenting candidates, and whittle down the list to 3-5 candidates only. The Bricoleur Recruiter will also enable interviews with the presented candidates. Should you not be able to identify a final candidate, the Bricoleur Recruiter will repeat the whole process one more time. Should you choose to recruit more than one of the shortlisted candidates presented, the same amount will be payable for each additional candidate hired.

7. After interviews and finalisation of candidate, in case you would like the Bricoleur Recruiter to do the offer negotiation, reference checking and implement our proprietary retention processes, there will be an additional payment to be made. We will only be able to offer a replacement in case you choose to work with us on this stage of the process.

8. Lastly in case you would rather just progress straight away to do the offer negotiation directly but need help with geography specific compliance, work permits or payroll, you could choose to work through our EOR partners.

Please fill the enquiry form.

A Bricoleur team member will connect with you within three working days.


Step 2

Connecting with Bricoleur

A Bricoleur team member will connect with you within 3 working days to clarify different payment options and other details

Bricoleur will share the first candidate within seven working days to seek feedback

Bricoleur will respond to 3-4 more candidates who more closely match the requirements within 14 working days, simultaneously arranging interviews with the candidates and your team

Step 3

Shortlist + Offer + Candidate Joining

Shortlist and offer to selected candidates

Reference checking

Alignment process

Candidate joining

Final invoice and


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