“Significant experience placing strategic, high-potential talent”

Looking to Hire a Digital Leader?

“Significant experience placing strategic, high-potential talent”

Looking to Hire a Digital Leader?

Retention Focused Digital Leadership Recruitment

We have placed specialist leadership talent in roles like CEO, Regional Head of Digital, Chief Strategy Officer, Regional Head of Product, Regional Client Partner and Head of Data and Analytics.

We have maintained a 90%+ retention track record since inception. To top that almost half of our placements have been women, many in leadership roles.


We engaged Bricoleur to conduct a comprehensive interview with our 2nd line executives to understand their motivations to unleash their potential and get their feedback on our company’s growth trajectory since our inception 4 years ago. We wanted to understand their perspectives on our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, as well as their suggestions for improvement and innovation.
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Start-up with $10mln USD+ Revenue
Founder and Executive Director
I have worked with Bricoleur Consulting for the past 4 years and we have developed a very strong working relationship with them. They have helped us hire for senior and specialist roles across markets like Singapore and Japan. They have a very insightful approach of understanding the culture of the organization and finding talent in sync with the client’s culture.
Top 5 Media Company
HR Head, Asia
Working with Bricoleur Consulting has been nothing but delightful. 'D' is a stand-out specialist recruiter in a company which itself stands out from other agencies for the quality of service and personal touch they offer. She is a fantastic listener who always takes her own clients need into account in order to provide a satisfactory and sustainable placement. Most importantly 'D' is always happy to get feedback and fine-tunes the pool of relevant candidates accordingly producing efficient and faster hiring process with minimal time waste.We have had multiple hiring through Bricoleur with nothing but success.
Top 5 Global Ecommerce Companies
Head of Product and Technology, Southeast Asia,
I have worked with 'A' in varying capacities, as a colleague in Unilever marketing and on an important Diversity & Inclusion project. 'A' has a great capacity for listening well and understanding nuanced and complex insights. She thinks out of the box, is visionary and has the ability to come up with pathbreaking ideas. 'A' is a highly personable, bright and interesting person and a pleasure to work with.
Fortune 500 company
Global Diversity and Inclusion Director

Why Hire a Digital Leader?

According to research, digitally fluent companies were 2.7 times more likely to experience high revenue growth over the past three years. Another study shows that companies with advanced digital capabilities can see up to 22% higher profitability and 70% higher revenue per employee. It also found that data-powered enterprises vastly outperform their competitors on multiple financial measures and enjoy a significant performance advantage. However only 14% of companies classify themselves as digitally fluent.

Companies that embrace digital transformation report a 35% customer success rate; however over 70% of digital transformations fail. Research shows that the major reason for their failure is the lack of senior leadership to oversee and steward the digital transformation efforts. Despite 87% of organisations believing that digital will disrupt their industry, 87% acknowledged that they don’t have the right leaders.

Hire specialist and diverse digital and technology talent by submitting your job request. Our global team of high EQ, practicing digital/ media/ communications/ data/ research professionals, and who work with our proven, proprietary process, can help you.

How it Works?

Our tested and refined process has resulted in our placing strong candidates who have grown in the industry. We have an 85% plus interview rate and a 90% plus retention rate. We have harnessed the power of AI (our AI is called iCEO), to make our process of candidate selection even more robust. Also now our process has been broken down into separate stages. This way, depending on your budget and needs you can access leadership potential digital talent for full time/ contract and hybrid/ remote roles across markets, irrespective of your location and need to pay for only part of or for the whole of our highly effective and proven process, depending on your needs. The steps in our process are:

Step 1

Book a Needs Assessment

Step 2

Register on website specifying your needs – talent acquisition/ team augmentation/ leadership stay interview

Step 3

Make payment to complete registration and to signal to the Bricoleur team that you are ready to progress

Step 4

Bricoleur will allot a researcher or recruiter to partner you who will drop you an email to get the process started

Step 5

Once you confirm by return message to the Bricoleur Recruiter that the shared profiles meet your requirements, you will be asked to make a payment for the next stage of the process. This next stage involves a thorough assessment of candidates so that you only see candidates that are exactly right, and keen to progress with your shared role. We have an 85% interview rate track record for candidates presented.

Step 6

Once payment of a flat fee of either $6000 USD, $12000 or $18000 USD (we have only three fixed charges, depending on the complexity of the role) has been made, the Bricoleur Recruiter will share the final shortlist of individuals. The Bricoleur Recruiter will share the relevant payment link by email to complete this stage of the process.

Step 7

The Bricoleur Recruiter will enable interviews with the presented candidates through our platform. The Bricoleur Recruiter will present 2-4 well-assessed candidates within a period of 2 weeks of payment. Should you not be able to identify a final candidate, the Bricoleur Recruiter will repeat the whole process once. Should you choose to recruit more than one of the shortlisted candidates presented within 24 months of sharing, in a full-time or contract capacity, the same amount will be payable for each additional candidate hired.

Step 8

After interviews and selection of candidate, in case you would like the Bricoleur Recruiter to do the offer negotiation, reference checking and implement our proprietary retention processes, there will be an additional payment of the same amount as before, to be made. Bricoleur offers a replacement in case of second payment, whereby if the person does not get confirmed after probation, a suitable replacement will be found.

Step 9

In case you would rather just progress directly to the offer negotiation but need help with geography specific compliance, work permits or payroll, your assigned Bricoleur Recruiter can assist you through our partner companies.


Step 2

Connecting with Bricoleur

A Bricoleur team member will connect with you within 3 working days to clarify different payment options and other details

Bricoleur will share the first candidate within seven working days to seek feedback

Bricoleur will respond to 3-4 more candidates who more closely match the requirements within 14 working days, simultaneously arranging interviews with the candidates and your team

Step 3

Shortlist + Offer + Candidate Joining

Shortlist and offer to selected candidates

Reference checking

Alignment process

Candidate joining

Final invoice and


Typical Digital Leader Mandates

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