Anu is Managing Director of Bricoleur Consulting, an insight-led leadership recruitment and retention consultancy. Anu started her career in marketing with companies like Unilever, Ogilvy and BBDO on brands such as Cadbury’s, Mainland, Dove and Knorr. She was also involved in developing the marketing mix for the Aviance brand for Unilever from scratch, for Developing and Emerging markets, an initiative that won the Unilever Chairman’s Award for Best Marketing Idea for the CAME region. Anu is a big believer in diversity, equity and inclusion and runs Bricoleur with the objective of creating not only more purpose-driven teams that are thriving but also fairer and more inclusive teams. She has also conducted a global study on diversity best practices for Unilever and is on the Board of, an e-commerce start-up empowering the village women of Fatorda in Goa through the online sale of their spices. Anu is also the author of Aligned: Why CEOs need Company Brand Alignment in the Age of a Questioning Workforce’. An Australian citizen of Indian heritage, Anu lives in Singapore.