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Our process involves an upfront payment of $200 USD once you share your role requirements. In exchange we will share profiles of individuals with the relevant experience within the next three working days.

Once you confirm that we as a team are identifying the right sort of profiles, a Bricoleur Recruiter assigned to your job will thoroughly assess candidates and progress to shortlist individuals who are strategically strong and happy to progress with your role. This shortlist of assessed individuals will be shared with you to progress to interview after a second payment. As a team, we at Bricoleur have an 85% interview rate since we started more than a decade ago, a tested process and a 90%+ retention rate. We believe in doing a thorough assessment before presenting candidates, and whittle down the list to 3-5 candidates only, so as to save you time and money.

After interviews and finalisation of candidate, in case you would like us to do the offer negotiation, reference checking and our proprietary retention processes, you can make a decision as that is chargeable separately. We will only be able to offer a replacement in case you choose to work with us on this stage of the process.

Lastly in case you would rather just progress straight away to do the offer negotiation directly but need help with compliance, work permits or payroll across borders, you could choose to work through one of our EOR partners.

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