We engaged Bricoleur to conduct a comprehensive interview with our 2nd line executives to understand their motivations to unleash their potential and get their feedback on our company’s growth trajectory since our inception 4 years ago. We wanted to understand their perspectives on our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, as well as their suggestions for improvement and innovation.  
Bricoleur and specially A did an excellent job of designing and conducting the interview process, which was professional, engaging and insightful. They also provided us with a detailed report of the findings and recommendations, which we found very valuable and insightful and easily actionable. The interview process helped us to identify the areas of alignment and divergence among our 2nd line executives, as well as the key drivers and barriers of our growth.  
It also helped us to appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit and diversity of opinions and ideas that exist within our organization, and to foster a culture of dialogue and collaboration. Needless to mention that this exercise motivated the team and we could see a fresh wave of confidence and zeal to take the company to the next level.  
We are very satisfied with Bricoleur’s services and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable and effective partner in assessing and developing their human capital.

Founder of Start-up with $10mln USD revenue

I have worked with Bricoleur Consulting for the past 4 years and we have developed a very strong working relationship with them. They have helped us hire for senior and specialist roles across markets like Singapore and Japan. They have a very insightful approach of understanding the culture of the organization and finding talent in sync with the client’s culture.

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HR Head, Asia

Working with Bricoleur Consulting has been nothing but delightful. 'D' is a stand-out specialist recruiter in a company which itself stands out from other agencies for the quality of service and personal touch they offer. She is a fantastic listener who always takes her own clients need into account in order to provide a satisfactory and sustainable placement. Most importantly 'D' is always happy to get feedback and fine-tunes the pool of relevant candidates accordingly producing efficient and faster hiring process with minimal time waste.We have had multiple hiring through Bricoleur with nothing but success.

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Head of Product and Technology, Southeast Asia,

I have worked with 'A' in varying capacities, as a colleague in Unilever marketing and on an important Diversity & Inclusion project. 'A' has a great capacity for listening well and understanding nuanced and complex insights. She thinks out of the box, is visionary and has the ability to come up with pathbreaking ideas. 'A' is a highly personable, bright and interesting person and a pleasure to work with.

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